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100% Customer Focused

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24/7 365 Days a Year


When you need quick and reliable hot shot courier services or express messenger delivery services in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio or Austin, Package Express couriers and messengers can help!

We specialize in urgent point-to-point messenger and courier services, ASAP delivery of envelopes and small packages. Package Express is able to expedite and track your delivery orders quickly and efficiently with the help of automated order entry and dispatch management system. Our experienced customer service staff can easily retrieve, track and update your STAT hot shot delivery and courier service orders.

Our drivers are logistic experts in navigating the streets of our major metropolitan areas and the transportation requirements on our highways with state of the art route optimization technology. Our express messenger services also include bicyclists who are familiar with the downtown and medical center areas of Houston.

We offer affordable pricing and on time deliver service for all of your urgent document, small package/parcel and medical/pharmaceutical courier needs. 

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